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How Important is the Air We Breathe?

In today’s market homeowners need to know the air they breathe is safe 
Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent is the ridge ventilation your home needs.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Effective Attic Ventilation
One of the hottest topics in the construction industry and elsewhere is the adverse effect that exposure to mold and mildew can have on human health. It has recently been reported that the mold count inside a building can be as much as two to five times higher than outdoors.

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Roof Saver® Product Profile

Roof ridge vent utilizes natural materials
Blocksom & Co., manufactures the environmentally conscious Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent composed of natural fibers, including coconut husk fiber, also known as coir fiber.

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Attic Ventilation Choices… Dynamic vs. Static?
Roofers and builders have an opportunity to maximize the appearance of a home by using low profile ridge vents on the roof and soffit vents hidden beneath the eaves.

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Installation Guide

Complete step-by-step Roof Saver® installation instructions.

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