Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent

Your trusted brand backed by industry certifications, extensive independent testing and a 40-year warranty give you the confidence to use Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent for your customers.

Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent offers long-term performance with an affordable and safe venting option. We are focused on providing sustainable solutions to promote healthy environments within the built structure and our world

Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent

Key steps for proper installation of Roof Saver ridge vent


  • Meets ALL Nationally recognized Building Codes
  • Miami-Dade County NOA #16-0607.09
  • ICC ES ESR-1218
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Designed to prevent Wind Driven Rain infiltration
  • 40-Year Warranty

Roof Saver Attic Ventilation System: 3 Easy Steps

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