How it Works

Warmer air in the attic rises to the ridge and flows out through Roof Saver® ridge vent.  Soffit vents at the eaves allow fresh, outdoor air into the attic. Removal of hot, moist air from the attic reduces cooling costs and deters the growth of mold.

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  1. Roof Sheathing
  2. Roof Saver® ridge vent
  3. Cap Shingle
  4. Hot, Moist Attic Air
  5. Negative Pressure
  6. Exhaust Air

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How Important is the Air We Breathe?

In today’s market homeowners need to know the air they breathe is safe 
Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent is the Ridge Ventilation Your Home Needs.

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A Poorly Ventilated Attic Means: 

  • Increased moisture condensation > Prime condition for the growth of molds and fungal allergens
  • Less effective insulation due to moisture  > Higher heating bills
  • Excessive heat build-up  > Higher cooling bills
  • Shorter lifespan for the roof  > Long-term structural degradation of the attic structure

Roof Saver® Solution

Avoid mold and mildew growth by ventilating the attic. A balanced system of soffit vents beneath the eaves and a continuous ridge vent allows overheated and moisture laden air out and fresh air in. Relief of excess heat makes your home more comfortable and saves on cooling costs. Moist air must be allowed to exit the attic to avoid growth of mold and mildew. Roof Saver® is nearly invisible when installed on your roof. You’ll appreciate the superior ventilation features and cosmetically pleasing appearance for your home. Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent is offering homeowners nationwide a means of promoting safe, clean and environmentally responsible venting options for the attic.