Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Roof Saver® rolled ridge vent
  2. Roofing nails (included in package)
  3. Wind deflectors where required


  1. Safety glasses
  2. Power saw
  3. Utility knife or scissors
  4. Tape measure
  5. Nail gun or hammer

Wind deflectors are required in areas where snow and/or rain are accompanied by winds exceeding 80 mph to prevent the infiltration of snow and/or rain into the attic. Wind deflectors must be used where required by building codes.

Net Free Area Charts

Proper operation of attic ventilation systems requires a combination of exhaust through the ridge vent and intake through soffit vents. The most efficient operation is realized through a balanced system with equal amounts of ventilation along the ridge and soffit areas. When a balanced system cannot be constructed, soffit vents must provide more than 50% of the total required ventilation with the remaining ventilation provided through the ridge vent.

The ratio of Net Free Ventilation Area to horizontal Attic Area is used to calculate the minimum amount of total ventilation. The 1/150 ratio applies when uniform distribution of soffit and ridge vents cannot be achieved or when no vapor retarder is present. The 1/300 ratio applies when proper distribution of soffit and ridge vents is achievable or if a vapor retarder is present.

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